Document that error responses can have a result object after all

Also document some custom result types
Andrew Ferrazzutti 11 months ago
parent dcf17fd40a
commit a817049e12
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@ -28,7 +28,7 @@ class CommandException(Exception):
In the case that different status codes map to the same error subclass, the status code
can be retrieved from the "status" property.
# NOTE unsuccessful responses do not set a result, hence using RootCommandResult here
# TODO Handle result object
# TODO Print _unrecognized?
self.status = result.status
self.message = _status_code_message_map.get(self.status, self._default_message)

@ -93,6 +93,7 @@ class RootCommandResult(ResponseState):
ResultType = TypeVar("ResultType", bound=Serializable)
def ResultListType(result_type: Type[ResultType]):
"""Custom type for setting a result to a list of serializable objects."""
class _ResultListType(list[result_type], Serializable):
def serialize(self) -> list[JSON]:
return [v.serialize() for v in self]
@ -104,6 +105,7 @@ def ResultListType(result_type: Type[ResultType]):
return _ResultListType
def ResultRawType(result_type: Type):
"""Custom type for setting a result to a primitive."""
class _ResultRawType(result_type, Serializable):
def serialize(self) -> result_type:
return self
@ -132,6 +134,7 @@ def deserialize_result(
) -> Union[CommandResultDoneValue[ResultType], RootCommandResult]:
"""Returns equivalent of CommandResult<T>. Does no consistency checking on success & result properties."""
if "result" in data and data.get("success"):
# TODO Handle result object in unsuccessful response
# TODO Allow arbitrary result object?
return CommandResultDoneValue.deserialize_result(result_type, data)