A very hacky Matrix-LINE bridge based on running LINE's Chrome extension in Puppeteer. https://matrix.to/#/#matrix-puppeteer-line:miscworks.net
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Listen config

If type is unix, path is the path where to create the socket.

If type is tcp, port and host are the host/port where to listen.

Executable path

The executable_path specifies the path to the Chromium binary for Puppeteer to use. Leaving this setting blank will use the x86_64 Chromium installation bundled with Puppeteer. For other architectures, it is necessary to install a compatible version of Chromium (ideally via your distribution's package manager), and to set executable_path to the path of its binary (typically /usr/bin/chromium).

Profile directory

The profile_dir specifies which directory to put Chromium user data directories.

Extension directory

The extension_dir specifies which directory contains the files for the LINE extension, which you must download yourself.

Cycle delay

cycle_delay specifies the period (in milliseconds) at which Puppeteer should view chats to check on their read receipts. Only chats with messages that haven't been fully read need to be checked. Set to a negative value to disable this checking.


Set use_xdotool to true to allow the Node process to manipulate the mouse cursor of the X server it runs in. Requires the xdotool utility to be installed. Highly recommended, especially when running in a background X server. Its default value is false so that running in a non-background X server won't interfere with a real mouse cursor.

jiggle_delay specifies the period (in milliseconds) for "jiggling" the mouse cursor (necessary to keep the LINE extension active). Only relevant when use_xdotool is true.


Set devtools to true to launch Chromium with DevTools enabled by default.