Fix Docker support

- Add .dockerignore files
- Make default Node config force-overwrite its socket file
- puppet.sock -> rpc.sock
- Warn against starting bridge module before node module
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Andrew Ferrazzutti 2022-05-01 16:38:54 -04:00
parent e1a03797d8
commit f47bcd3f0c
4 changed files with 14 additions and 2 deletions

.dockerignore Normal file
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@ -0,0 +1,10 @@

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@ -93,6 +93,7 @@ These instructions describe how to run the bridge with Docker containers.
1. Generate the appservice registration by running the container again, and update your homeserver configuration to accept it
1. Run the bridge module with `docker run --restart unless-stopped -v $(pwd):/data:z matrix-appservice-kakaotalk`
* Additionally, you should either add the bridge to the same Docker network as your homeserver and database with `--network=<name>` (when they are running in Docker), or expose the correct port(s) with `-p <port>:<port>` or `--network=host` (when they are running outside Docker).
* If the Node module is configured to use a unix socket, make sure to start the bridge module's container _after_ the Node module's container. Otherwise, the bridge module may not be able to find the socket file.
## Upgrading
Simply `git pull` or `git rebase` the latest changes, rerun all `docker build` commands, then run new containers for the freshly-built images.

node/.dockerignore Normal file
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@ -1,7 +1,7 @@
"listen": {
"type": "unix",
"path": "/data/puppet.sock",
"force": false
"path": "/data/rpc.sock",
"force": true