A very hacky Matrix-LINE bridge based on running LINE's Chrome extension in Puppeteer.
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Features & roadmap

  • Matrix → LINE
  • LINE → Matrix
  • Misc

Missing features

Missing from LINE

  • Typing notifications
  • Message edits
  • Formatted messages
  • Presence
  • Timestamped read receipts
  • Read receipts between users other than yourself

Missing from LINE on Chrome

  • Unlimited message history
    • Messages that are very old may not be available in LINE on Chrome at all, even after a full sync
  • Voice/video calls
    • No notification is sent when a call begins
    • When a call ends, an automated message of "Your OS version doesn't support this feature" is sent as an ordinary text message from the user who began the call
  • Message redaction (delete/unsend)
    • But messages unsent from other LINE clients do disappear from LINE on Chrome
  • Replies
    • Appear as ordinary messages
  • Mentions
    • Appear as ordinary text
  • Audio message sending
    • But audio messages can be received
  • Location sending
    • But locations can be received

Missing from matrix-puppeteer-line

  • TODO